The Tools You Need To Install New Flooring

Getting new flooring is exciting for any homeowner. With stylish flooring, your home’s property value can increase along with its visual appeal.

Before you begin any new flooring installation, it’s essential to gather all of the prerequisite tools.  Check out the following tools vital to completing any new flooring installation.

Utility Knife

A utility knife is a tool that you will definitely need when installing flooring. This sort of knife can come in handy to help separate old flooring from the foundation and shave down small bits to ensure a tight seal within the new flooring material.

Hammer & Nail Set

You will need a hammer to help pound flooring into the foundation. Nails are usually included with flooring materials, but you must purchase a new set of nails if you have misplaced yours. It is also crucial that your hammer is not brittle, allowing for more pounding power when nailing.

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A jigsaw is the only tool that can cut through your home’s existing floor. This sort of power saw has been proven to help easily and quickly remove your old flooring material without causing damage to surrounding areas within your home.

Circular Saw

If you are planning on installing a new floor, you may need a circular saw to cut flooring material to meet the dimensions of your floorplan. Be sure to perform all cuts on a secure surface.

Tape Measure

This tool is used to measure your existing floor and determine where you plan on installing your new flooring. You must have a tape measure when cutting pieces of any new flooring material.

If you do not have access to or can’t afford the tools needed to complete a flooring installation, consider hiring professional home repair services in florence, ky.